If you maintain a good academic record during your undergraduate years or when completing pre-pharmacy training programs, you may be eligible to receive one of several pharmacy scholarships or pharmacy grants. A pharmacy scholarship can help to cover some or all of your education-related expenses when you are completing your doctorate degree program at an accredited College of Pharmacy. Pharmacy grants are typically awarded only to students involved in research projects. Every scholarship or pharmacy grants have different selection and eligibility criteria, and in some cases, will require the student to have completed at least one year of a bachelor's degree program in the medical field or related field.

Applying for a Pharmacy Scholarship

Pharmacy scholarship criteria and eligibility requirements vary by institution granting the awards, and the concentration of study. Some are awarded only to students who are enrolled in a fellowship program and are participating in research projects or advanced clinicals. Others are awarded to students who are just enrolling in a doctorate degree program and are based on merit rather than financial need. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for pharmacy scholarships may still be able to apply for financial aid or a personal loan to cover the costs of their education.

To be considered for a pharmacy scholarship, students may need to provide the following:

  • Accurate application
  • Resume that includes information about employers, positions held, key duties and dates of employment
  • A short essay or personal statement declaring the student's intent and goals
  • Letters of recommendation from clinical instructors
  • Letter of reference from employer, volunteer supervisor or other individual
  • Official transcripts of all college courses completed
  • Confirmation of admission letter from the college the funds will be sent to

Types of Pharmacy Scholarships

Award amounts for pharmacy scholarships typically range from $4,000 to $100,000+ depending on the scholarship or grant-awarding institution and options to reapply each year.

Some of the pharmacy scholarships that are awarded annually to students include:

  • Gateway to Research Scholarship
  • Rite Aid Competitive Pharmacy Scholarship
  • American Pharmacists Association Student Scholarship
  • American Federation for Aging Research Scholarship
  • American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Scholarships
  • American Institute of the History of Pharmacy
  • Costco Pharmacy Scholar Program
  • Garden Club of America
  • National Community Pharmacist Association (NCPA) Foundation
  • National Research Council
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Foundation
  • USP Fellowship Program

Pharmacy grants are available through some colleges and universities, but are typically awarded only to students who are enrolled in a pharmaceutical research project or fellowship at the school.

Pharmacy Scholarships for Women

Women interested in obtaining a Pharm D. degree may be eligible to receive one of several pharmacy scholarships for women. These scholarships are designed to support women in the science and medical field, and eligibility requirements will vary depending on the organization granting the award. Many schools offer their own set of scholarships specifically for female students enrolled in their school. Others are granted by national organizations and can be used at any accredited college or university.

Some of the pharmacy scholarships for women include:

  • Women in Science Scholarship from St. John's University
  • Fruth Pharmacy Scholarships
  • Women's International Pharmacy Scholarship
  • GSK Women in Science Pharmacy Scholarship
  • UNESCO L'Oreal Fellowship - L'Oreal for Women in Science
  • Washington State University College of Pharmacy Scholarships
  • The Miss America Scholarship